The Guardian Garage Floor process

The Guardian Garage Floor System uses only the highest quality materials and the best-trained technicians to create a floor that we guarantee you will love for years to come. Our professional installation can be completed in as little as one day and will last for the lifetime of the floor.Our trained installers come to your home, ready to work with professional equipment and expertise. Guardian Garage doesn’t subcontract work to untrained day laborers, so we offer a lifetime warranty on our materials and labor. 

Step 1:

Using custom diamond disk grinders, Guardian Garage technicians prepare the surface of the floor. Once the concrete is ground exposing a fresh clean surface, it is evaluated for cracks and divots, which are filled with a fast-setting Polyurea. Guardian Garage maintains a clean area while working by using an industrial vacuum system to pull dust and debris as it is created. This reduces cleanup time and allows us to finish the floor in just one day, in most cases. 

Step 2:

After our installers have professionally prepared the area, they apply a base layer of tinted Polyaspartic Polyurea on the floor. The material absorbs into the freshly ground concrete, unlike epoxy garage floors that merely sit on top of the concrete. This low-odor compound can be used any time of year, whether it is -30 or 130 degrees, and is safe for the environment…and your family. 

Step 3:

The base coat of the floor is then covered with a layer of aggregate color chips to add texture and beauty to your garage. The floor is then scraped smooth to remove excess chips and render a non-slip surface. 

Step 4:

Once the base coat and color chip is in place, Guardian Garage completes the process with a carefully applied layer of high solids Polyaspartic to protect and seal the base and chip for the lifetime of the floor. This proprietary blend of Polyaspartic is stronger than epoxy floors and is 100% UV stable so you will never have to worry about it yellowing. 

Twenty four hours after completion,  Guardian Garage floor systems may be driven on and enjoyed. Compare that to the three days required for traditional epoxy garage floors to cure. That’s just one benefit offered by Guardian Garage. Guardian Garage floor systems are five times stronger than other off-the-shelf coating systems and our premium materials won’t stain or need resurfacing. Guardian Garage floors make a lasting impression and leave our customers pleased for years to come.

Hundreds of satisfied families and business owners have trusted Guardian Garage Floors to turn their space into a showplace. We’ve installed floors in bathrooms, and in unfinished concrete basements for homes and businesses throughout Middle Tennessee. But don’t take our word for it, ask around. There is a good chance you already know someone who can tell you about the Guardian Garage Floor System. Check out our testimonials page to hear what our satisfied clients are saying.

Guardian Garage is licensed, bonded, insured, and accredited by the Nashville Better Business Bureau.

The Guardian Garage Floor System can transform your space in just a day. Typical garage floor paints and garage floor epoxy kits take days to install and use harsh chemicals. With Guardian Garage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new Guardian Garage Floor System was installed using the highest quality materials by highly trained professionals and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Guardian Garage floors are durable, desirable, and dollar-for-dollar, one of the best values in remodeling.

Most jobs are completed in one day. You’ll be able to walk on the Guardian Garage Floor System after six hours and drive on it after 24 hours (vs.72 hours for epoxy). We’ve installed hundreds of floors in garages, basements, schools, industrial settings, shops, retail stores, animal clinics and more. We’ve seen the most common situations, and some of the most challenging. The one constant is the reaction of our clients…”Wow!”